summer trip 2010

day 1 – Istanbul /  Turkey


12 thoughts on “summer trip 2010

  1. WOOOW WOOOW WOWWWWW! You made me speachless with this posts and the rest ❤ but here the sky is OH MY ALLAH!!!!!! keep on blogging we are looking for new amazing post :*

  2. Hi,

    I always see your pictures it’s fabulous and you are a great photographer

    I have a question, how did you took the clouds photo?
    Because when I take this seen from the airplane the window always show in the picture and it’s not that clear

    1. hmm i guess i was lucky 😛
      but try to take it with a micro Lens or a make the focus manual
      and try to focus on the clouds 🙂

      thank you Aisha – i hope i helped 🙂

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