me, mom and dad


a trip to remember. this never happens. well it did but 20 years ago

when i was the only child and the world was so quiet~

me, mom and dad road trip 😉

me playing with my fisheye ❤

منّا الوفى يا وفي الروح يتعلم ~ كل التعابير تبحر من شواطينا
حبيب عمري حياة القلب خل الهم ~ تقسى الليالي ولكن ما تقسّيا
وإن كان جدّت جدايد حبّنا أقدم ~ لا عاش راسٍ على الدنيا يبكّين

@ the farm

you can’t see me ;p


can you see me now?!!?

Auf Wiedersehen 😉


4 thoughts on “me, mom and dad

  1. omg F the fisheye lens photos unbelievably stunning i loved them!
    adored the edit so cool! 😮 loved the vintage car photos the kids photos the plants photos loved absolutely everything :O <3333

  2. Amazing ! ;o im out of words to how to describe your beautiful set of images.. ! ❤
    wallah every image is more impressive than the other one !
    mashallah u got a really good eye;) to capture all these amazing shots ! ❤
    im in love with ur edit ❤ seriously ur great mashallah ! 🙂
    keep it up;D

  3. Wooow ❤ your photography is beyond Amazing !
    w al edit is so freaking driving me crazy ! & about the "fish eye " its totally your thing ❤
    b7b Your Blog ❤
    cant do any thing gadam hal gorgeous Talent ! ela to comment ! ❤ ❤

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