Did you Hear about the Morgans?

it been a while since we go out just the three of us

(my beloved cousin) . and long time no good movies

in the cinema, but i guess it was our lucky day.

after a nice lunch we saw (Did you Hear about the Morgans?..)

i was sacred  at the being because (Hugh Grant)

is a “lawzy” actor! but he was very funny in the movie..

*I Recommend the Movie

*hot coffee after freezing in the cinema 😛

*Mokanah el5alii ma7dn mlaaah </3


5 thoughts on “Did you Hear about the Morgans?

  1. i wasn’t sure about the movie too cuz of jessica parker i hate her!! and indeed he was funny i laughed so much in that movie ❤
    feeefeee loved every single shot here!! jw3teeny so tempting </3

  2. I hate Jessica Parker too :S so I dunno about going to that movie!
    Tommy the coffee is so tempting!! it’s killing me 😦
    I swear I can smell it just by looking at the photo :O yeah I guess I’ve a superpower lol 😛

    I love every single photo & love you more ❤ :**

  3. Loved that movie, it was funny n they were good at doing their parts ;p

    mashallah i luv ur photography n the editing too ❤
    bs abaa a3rf how u edit ur pics, i mean kaif t5leen el colors chee ?

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