trip to the farm.

xo ~


6 thoughts on “trip to the farm.

  1. اللللللللللللللللللله متتتتتتت على الفيديووو
    اطااااالب بأطووول من جذييييييه 😛
    تسللللم يدج الجميله الي سوووته

  2. ohmygod F loved every single pic ur surprise more ever day <3_<3
    loved the video so much 😦 i wanna shoot video too 😦
    except for the song part *feelingsick* 🙂 fefe len mtah y3ney plz plz his voice make me wanna throw out looool :p sorry no offense 🙂 :p

  3. did u record the video in Zurich ?

    The picture with the horse’s tongue is so funny 🙂

    Next time , take a photo when I am lighting the wood ,, that will be marked fav too for all LOL

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